Trading Draft Picks

In Yahoo, Dynasty and Keepers can trade next years picks but, for anyone to trade this year’s picks it has to me done manually by the commissioner.

I like it as it does add a lot to a week or so before the draft to get Trade Winds blowing.

Can you guys trade?

If you like active trading during the draft–you should follow an Interboard League draft.

For those unfamiliar with the Interboard League, it’s an ongoing mega-league comprised of 12-player teams from each of 8 prominent internet fantasy football forums–FFToday, TheHuddle, FantasySharks, FantasySportsWire (now defunct), SportsOutlaw (also defunct), I don’t remember all of them. I’m not even sure if it’s still in existence.

Anyway, so there were 8 different 12-team drafts going on concurrently in the preseason (or almost concurrently, they were staggered into three different starting “heats”), and teams were allowed to trade in and out of any draft they wanted to!

So if you missed your target in Draft B, you could swap a couple of your later picks to someone in Draft E where your target is still on the board! So yes, there would be 8 copies of every player spread throughout the league, and each team played 8 games each week against 8 different opponents.

Those were the wildest drafts ever.

Parenthetically, Axe Elf competed for three different participating IBL forum teams in various years, and each of those forums won in their respective years with Axe Elf on board. Just sayin’…

In my Sleeper dynasty league, you can trade all offseason. Currently, we can trade all draft picks up to 2025, and can even trade FAAB.

Is that the same for keepers? BIG selling point for next building a league in this or Dynasty.

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I imagine it would work, but I can’t speak for commissioner tools in Sleeper.

Have to believe it does.