Najee Harris, Diontae Johnson and Mike Williams for Justin Jefferson and Cam Akers

Half PPR league. Currently 2-2

I have been offered Harris, Johnson and Williams for Jefferson and Akers. Initially I was thinking about rejecting it outright, but it I am in need of some RB help.

RBs before trade: Patterson(IR), Dobbins, Kenneth Walker, Cam Akers., Gus Edwards(PUP)

WRs before trade: Jefferson, Gabe Davis, Brandin Cooks, Tee Higgins, Garrett Wilson

Is this a trade I should be thinking about? Harris is heading into a tough schedule, but he is better than Akers. Jefferson would be hard to part with though.

The person I would be trading with has Davante Adams and Deebo Samuel at WR as well. Would Harris and Samuel be a suitable counter?

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Welcome aboard!

Grab this as fast as you can. This will give you a ton of WR’s to swap in and out every week. And Najee, while disappointing lately, is still a certified starter.

You will have to pay a bit more attention to your starts and sits every week, but this gives you a much more unbeatable roster.

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Thanks for the advice! I think I may consider taking this trade. As much as losing JJ will sting, the versatility is hard to ignore

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I would accept this offer in a heartbeat!!