Dynasty Trade Value Chart

This is a fair but rough “guideline” to help owners with their trades. The actual trade value has to come from the owner as to it’s worth of giving and receiving
to him and his team. However, this is good to establish some boarders on who is worth what.

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I keep this link for my own reference. It’s a fair reference for trading. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a good starting point.

My new trade is Lawrence and my 2025 1st rounder for Mahomes and pick 3.o2.

Lawrence- 24 points 2025 1st- 20 to 39 (depending on when the pick is)

Mahomes- 37 points 3.02 pick- 12 points Total- 49 points

This was an almost perfectly balanced trade. I get 49 points. He gets 44 to 63.

I am defending a title and needed to upgrade QB and get a pick for a top stash.

August is rebuilding and gets a rare dynasty 1st round pick trade with a #10 QB with top 5 potential.

Great trade for both.