Trade Committee - How do you determine if a Trade is Fair?

I’m on the Trade Committee.
I can analyze my trades on FantasyPros.

Is there a way to analyze trades between other team for fairness?

You shouldn’t have to scrutinize a trade to that degree. People have different evaluations for players. Some players may think a guy is up and coming, while another guy thinks he is washed up. You can’t deny a trade just because one set of projections has one team coming out ten points ahead or something.

As long as the trade appears to be a bona fide effort by both managers to improve their respective teams and are not collusive, trades should be approved. But you can’t legislate based on differing opinions of a player’s worth.

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There is no universal approach. First, because there is no universal way to determine the trade value of a player.

Second, because a trade does not have to be balanced to make sense for both sides. Especially in dynasty formats. When I want to trade for a high-value player, I will usually be happy to overpay. Because otherwise, the other party will have no incentive to sell their asset.

I will only step in when I feel that one side of the trade had zero incentive to accept it, and is damaging their own team. Especially in dynasty, it is not a good idea to allow that to happen, as you will soon have an abandoned team beyond repair for which you will struggle to find a new owner. That’s how dynasty leagues die.

In redraft, the obvious problem is collusion. The most important counter measure: introduce a trade deadline that comes into effect 2-3 weeks before the fantasy playoffs. Also, define which players must not be dropped before and after that deadline.

As for evaluating trades, you can use trade calculators. But the end of the day, go by your gut. When in doubt, allow the trade. Only when you are absolutely sure that there is ill intent at play, step in.


Wise guidelines.
Thanks for your insight.

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Good points.
Thanks for your input.
makes sense!

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