Trade Advice 2 offers help needed!

I am in 7th place in a PPR league and low on RB’s I have Eckler, and Montgomery that is on IR along with backups Jamaal Williams, Dernest Johnson, Boston Scott.

For WR I have Hopkins, Godwin, Dionte Johnson, Cobb, D. Patrick, Boyd and at TE i have Gesecki and Knox who is out.

As you see I have 3 very good receivers and a good te. I have two offers on the table
Offer #1 I would give up Dionte Johnson for Darrell Henderson

2nd Offer is Dionte Johnson for Amari Cooper and Javonte Williams.

I need an Rb until Montgomery gets off IR however not sure if giving up Dionte who is very consistent and gets lots of targets is worth handing over. Any help is appreciated.

I have Henderson in a half PPR league, and he’s been steady and reliable, rarely flashing a great game, but usually giving me a solid floor (last week’s game against Detroit was an exception). So Offer #1 is probably the best solution for your RB problems.

The 2nd offer is intriguing, but risky. Williams gets you more potential upside than Henderson, but he doesn’t come with the safe floor. Cooper is far more inconsistent than Dionte, so you’d have to live with some ups and downs there in the hope that Williams breaks out.

I have to go with the first offer. It simply solves your problem in the best way. I find that unless potential far outweighs the risk, you should always take the safer option. I don’t see Cooper/Williams giving you extreme potential value.