Top Rookie RB Analysis

A great RB rundown from the Dolphins forum I thought I would share.

Jahmyr Gibbs - Ala - 5’11" - 200lbs- 4.46 40-yrd

*Best skill set of any RB in this class, will truly fit into any scheme
*Great pass catcher with a more advanced route tree than would be expected of a RB
*Strength to complement a power-back rushing attack if need be
*Electric speed allowing him to easily burn tacklers on corners
*Has the vision and confidence to hit holes without second thought
*Will only be twenty-one years old by the time he is drafted leaving ample time for his prime years
*Possess fluidity as a runner, can stop on a dime or turn on the jets at will
*Has been clocked at 22.3 MPH on one of his 70+ yard touchdowns

*Pass blocking leaves much to be desired
*Has less weight than expected of a power back, if he is adopted into an offense that uses him as a bell-cow, he would need to add muscle to compete with NFL defensive lines.
Faster Deebo Samuel

Just an example.

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I’m surprised they didn’t mention Bijan. The Dolphins could have a shot at him. I’ve seen some mock drafts that have him going to the Cowboys. Adding Bijan to the Dolphins is a scary thought.

Him dropping to #51 ain’t gonna happen for Miami.

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You saw how far Breece Hall dropped last year? I wouldn’t exclude any possibility. RB’s are extremely undervalued now.

Anything is possible I guess. It was interesting to see this analyst say in other posts that he liked Gibbs ove Robinson. Zak has said he could be as well some time ago. Anticipation of landing spots is growing.

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