Top 20 Rookie Thoughts after Week 3

  1. Drake London, ATL – WR1 (Age: 21-1)
  2. Breece Hall, NYJ – RB1 (Age: 21-3)
  3. Garrett Wilson, NYJ – WR2 (Age: 22-1)
  4. Treylon Burks, TEN – WR3 (Age: 22-5)
  5. Jameson Williams, DET – WR4 (Age: 21-5)
  6. Chris Olave, NO – WR5 (Age: 22-2)
  7. Ken Walker III, SEA – RB2 (Age: 21-10)
  8. Jahan Dotson, WAS – WR6 (Age: 22-5)
  9. Skyy Moore, KC – WR7 (Age: 21-11)
  10. George Pickens, PIT – WR8 (Age: 21-6)
  11. James Cook, BUF – RB3 (Age: 22-11)
  12. Christian Watson, GB – WR9 (Age: 23-3)
  13. Alec Pierce, IND – WR10 (Age: 22-4)
  14. Dameon Pierce, HOU – RB4 (Age: 22-6)
  15. Romeo Doubs, GB – WR11 (Age: 22-4)
  16. Brian Robinson Jr., WAS – RB5 (Age: 23-5)
  17. Isaiah Spiller, LAC – RB6 (Age: 21-0)
  18. Trey McBride, ARI – TE1 (Age: 22-9)
  19. Rachaad White, TB – RB7 (Age: 23-7)
  20. Jalen Tolbert, DAL – WR12 (Age: 23-6)

Here is the top 20 coming into the year with mixed early reviews.

Your thoughts?


WR’s- London and Wilson have been really good. Olave, Burks, Dotson, Pickens, Watson, Pierce and Doubs have all gotten good reviews and it does appear it is just a matter of time for them to turn into good or above WR’s

Williams will be off IR for the second half and should fit right in. Skyy Moore has not looked good.

I still say Breece Hall is number 1. While the Jets have underused him, that doesn’t make him that bad.

I also feel better about Garrett Wilson than Drake London. Yes, London has moved ahead of Pitts, but it’s Atlanta. Hard to feel good about that.

I’d put Olave ahead of Burks. The opportunity for Burks is limited in Tennessee.

Why is Pickens so low? I’d put him ahead of Burks too.

Not sure, but Dameon Pierce might be ahead of Kenny Walker at this point.

I would easily put Isaiah Likely ahead of Trey McBride.

No Kenny Pickett?

This was WR’s and RB’s coming into this season. Current ranks are up to posters thoughts.

I have not done RB’s yet but will soon.

RB’s- I put Etienne here as a red shirt rookie, consider him if ya like. I also link him with Hall with high expectations and 4th round ranks. To date both are disappointing but improving. Tons of talent will show, just a matter of time.

Walker is getting no love or snaps from coaches and is looking shaky for this year.

Cook is off to a slow start but is showing improvement the last two weeks.

Pierce is good but only on limited plays.

Robinson is touted as a early down and red zone starter when he gets off IR within the next couple of weeks.

Unlike WR’s RB’s are works in progress.

Hard to feel good about the Jets, either.

Right now, they are the #1 team in terms of passing attempts in the league. Didn’t see that one coming.

But next week, Zach Wilson will be back. And if he kept up Flacco’s insane 52 passing attempts per game, it would mean an 80% increase from his 2021 level. Not gonna happen.

So we can expect a strong decrease in passing attempts, probably down to around 35. But there are still 7 pass catchers around, which is a lot. Hard to trust Garrett Wilson yet. He did look fantastic, but he will probably have to increase his target share by quite a bit if he wants to remain startable. I’m fine with him being #3 on the list, though.

Romeo Doubs needs to be moved further up the list, while James Cook needs to be moved down.

My personal ranking (without having put too much thought into it):

  1. D London
  2. B Hall
  3. G Wilson
  4. C Olave
  5. T Burks
  6. J Williams
  7. K Walker
  8. G Pickens
  9. R Doubs
  10. S Moore
  11. C Watson
  12. B Robinson
  13. D Pierce
  14. J Cook
  15. A Pierce
  16. K Philips
  17. T McBride
  18. I Likely
  19. D Bellinger
  20. J Warren

Notable mentions:
I Pacheco
T Ebner

ROS - maybe. Long term? I don’t know. As soon as Penny goes down, Walker will see his usage skyrocket, and could have value beyond this season. If the Texans see Pierce as their long-term solution on RB remains to be seen, though.

No. Just, no. TEs typically need 2-3 years to establish themselves in the NFL. McBride is stuck behind Ertz right now, which is actually good for his development. We won’t see a lot (if anything at all) from McBride this season, but Ertz won’t be around for much longer. McBride’s time could come as early as next year.

Likely OTOH will be stuck behind Mark Andrews for the next 3 years. And Andrews made a very clear statement in the first 3 weeks to all those who speculated Likely could usurp him this season already. To put things in perspective: Andrews’ margin on the #2 TE (Kelce) is greater than Likely’s entire production so far.

Good point. He should be on that list.

Zak, on your list I would move Walker and Skyy down towards the bottom this year and Move B Robinson up…

Too early for that.

Brian Robinson hasn’t shown us anything yet. I would like to see how he looks, and how the Commanders will utilize him, before moving him higher.

Walker is stuck behind Penny, but I do not expect Penny to last the entire season.

Skyy has seen little usage yet, and his muffed punt last week certainly did not help him. But WRs usually need a year or even two, before they are established in the league. The WR room in KC is still in flux, and none of the top pass catchers is guaranteed to still be around next year. I’m okay with moving him a few spots down, but it’s way too early to write him off just yet.

1. RB Kenneth Walker III, Seattle Seahawks

Walker has gained 29 yards rushing and 19 yards receiving in his two games so far, but there isn’t much of a path to becoming a fantasy starter this season.

  • Travis Homer suffered a rib injury after two offensive snaps and didn’t return.
  • The Seahawks gave all of Homer’s offensive snaps to DeeJay Dallas, including the two-minute drill and most of the third-down snaps.
  • The offense played relatively well, scoring on five of their first six drives, meaning it didn’t need to use a passing-down back very much.
  • Rashaad Penny finally took a few third-down snaps late in the game.
  • Walker should cut into Penny’s playing time as the season progresses, but that won’t be enough to make him a fantasy starter without the passing-game work.
  • The Seahawks’ schedule has been relatively easy so far, but it will get more difficult quickly, meaning more Homer and Dallas but less Penny and Walker as the team needs to pass more.
  • Walker is an OK handcuff option to Penny, but there are plenty of other handcuff options who are better to roster and available in more leagues.