Top 15 WR's (with tiers)

Here are my top 15 WR’s for PPR as of 7/23, with the tiers:

1st Tier: These are potential first round picks, although deeper leagues may dip into the 2nd tier.

  1. Stefon Diggs: Look at what he did last year with no training camp? Diggs is the classic example of “huge floor, who cares about ceilings?”.
  2. Calvin Ridley: Goodbye Julio, hello Calvin! He was big before, and now he’s huge. He might have more upside than Diggs, but the uncertainty in Atlanta is what keeps him at #2 for me.
  3. Davante Adams: Honesty time: Adams does have a SLIGHT injury history. Nothing major, but it does darken his ceiling. Also, I get the distinct impression Aaron Rodgers may be dogging it this year (“You want me to play here? Fine. But don’t expect me to try.”). This could be good or bad for Adams.

Honorable mention: If you absolutely MUST rate Tyreek Hill, then he would be in tier 1. But I refuse to rate Kansas City “Chefs” (typo intended). RAIDER NATION RULES! Now back to the post…

Tier 2: These guys are still studs. In PPR, these guys are still better than most 2nd tier RB’s. If you see them in the 3rd round of your draft, jump at them!

  1. Justin Jefferson: He’s a Tier 2 floor with Tier 1 upside. If Dalvin Cook gets hurt, Jefferson becomes a tier 1 stud immediately. Maybe better than Diggs?
  2. Deandre Hopkins: It takes an incredible talent at WR to make Kyler Murray look like a real NFL QB. Thanks, Deandre!
  3. D.K. Metcalf: Did we see his best last year? I think not.

Tier 3: These are guys who easily fit into a 3rd round pick, 2nd round in deep leagues. If you get one later, good for you!

  1. Terry McLaurin: Fitzpatrick bumps Terry into tier 3 status easily. Maybe a borderline tier 1 before the end of the year?
  2. Robert Woods: I am still not sold on the “Matt Stafford makes the Rams incredible” storyline. But they should be at least a little better. Regardless, Woods brings a nice floor with him.
  3. CeeDee Lamb: Why Lamb and not Amari Cooper? Two reasons. First, Cooper is currently on the Cowboys preseason PUP list. Not a huge deal, admittedly, but still concerning. Second reason, Cooper tends to dog it. He CAN be great, but he has too many Randy Moss plays (i.e. he takes plays off). Lamb looks a little better to me. With Dak back, I expect huge things from CeeDee. On the other hand, Cooper’s presence will keep CeeDee’s ceiling in check. We will see, but Lamb is still worth picking in this tier.
  4. Michael Thomas: He could easily hop back into 1st tier conversation, especially with Jameis Winston at QB. But that hasn’t been decided yet, so he lingers here.
  5. A.J. Brown: With Julio and Derrick in town, A.J. just cruises along. If the Titans turn into a passing offense, A.J.'s rank goes up significantly.
  6. Mike Evans: He looks like the best choice in Tampa, but he’s limited by all the mouths to feed there.
  7. Allen Robinson: Can Justin Fields be the best QB with whom he’s ever played? Not a high bar to cross, admittedly. But Robinson is good at making lemonade out of lemons. We’ll see what he can do with Fields.

Tier 4: These are still guys with a lot of upside, or a lot of floor.

  1. Ja’Marr Chase: Burrow gets his college favorite! Tier 1 upside, but does he get it first year? In dynasty, he’s a steal here.
  2. Keenan Allen: If you watched the Chargers last year, Allen was Mr. Steady Reliable. Strong floor, but how much ceiling?

Honorable mentions for Tier 4: Adam Thielan, Tyler Lockett, and Diontae Johnson.