Mooney, Wandale Robinson, Damien Harris, Gus Edwards or Rachaad White (pick one)

.5 ppr play 2 RB, 2 Wr, 1 flex

Current roster:
D Cook
K Walker
L Fournette
D Montgomery
A Mattison

AJ Brown
M Williams
D Johnson
J Palmer

Points to consider: All my WR are done with their bye week
Fournette and Walker have a week 11 bye week. So whomever I pick up would likely play week 11 (Rachaad White would have a bye too)

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RB: Cook and Walker.
WR: AJ Brown and D Johnson
Flex: J Palmer

About Mooney, you don’t have him listed on your roster, but you had him in the post title? That said, I’d still go with the lineup I suggest above, assuming Palmer is starting for the Chargers.