Things I learned from Week 15

QB-wise, Tyler Huntley is seriously good. I am talking Lamar Jackson good, maybe better. If you want a serious dynasty prospect and are willing to wait a year or two, Huntley is your guy.

Another QB to watch is Jake Fromm. Almost as accurate as Mac Jones. Don’t be surprised if he’s the Giants’ starting QB next year. He showed some serious composure, with great throwing technique. And this was on a day when Dallas brutalized the Giants.

Zeke Elliot isn’t dead yet. He can run in straight lines very well. But he won’t be scaring defensive players with shiftiness.

Dak Prescott has a problem. I can’t classify it, but he missed some passes today that were head-scratchers. Elite NFL QB’s don’t miss these passes. Whether it’s injuries or something else, I have no clue. But it’s something concerning.

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Already put out a waiver bid in one league. In the other one, another owner grabbed him on Saturday, started him, and has thus advanced to the next round.

I don’t know. I had scooped him up 2 weeks ago. I really liked him coming out of college, and only lost interest in him because of the landing spot, that offered no outlook whatsoever on becoming a starter.

I meanwhile returned him to the waiver wire. If the Giants would seriously consider handing him the keys to the QB room next year, they would have started him in the last 2 games.

Instead, they started Mike Glennon, a guy with neither a past nor a future in the NFL. That tells me they have zero confidence in Fromm. Which I don’t get, either.

The commentators of the Cowboys game mentioned something along that line early into the cast. That word on the street in Dallas is that Dak has some sort of issue, and that it may go beyond the calf strain that he’s known to be nursing.

He certainly looks the part.

Speaking of QBs - would you rather stash Tyler Huntley or Davis Mills?

Huntley certainly looked a lot more impressive. But Mills may be closer to having a starting job in 2022. Huntley will be an ERFA after this season, and the Ravens would be stupid not to re-sign him. So he would have to gamble and turn down their offer and find another team that wants to sign and start him - not impossible, but certainly a long shot.

Mills isn’t nearly as exciting as a prospect, but he does show signs of improvement. If the Texans decide against drafting a QB next year, and instead address the 738 other roster holes with their picks, Mills may not be in the worst position next year.

What do you think?

I think Huntley is “there”. If he gets a starting job anywhere, I want him, period. Huntley could be top 5 elite.

On the other hand, if you can’t get Huntley, Mills is not a bad play either. He’s always been a great prospect, and he is beginning to show something. Houston is not the best place to be a QB, as Deshaun Watson has demonstrated. But if you need a QB2 for superflex, Mills is your guy.

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I can get both of them, and also Taysom Hill, Tyrod Taylor, Cam Newton or Gardner Minshew. It’s a 1QB league where I have Daniel Jones and Trey Lance. I have a roster spot available to carry another QB over to next year, and stashing the right one now might save me a draft pick next year.

I won’t question that Huntley looks like the better QB, compared to Mills. But the best QB in the world won’t help your fantasy team if he sits on the bench in the NFL. And I think it’s more likely that Mills still has a starting job next year.

For Huntley, the most likely scenario I see is that the Ravens offer him something north of $1m for next year, and he’ll take it. Which means he’ll remain a backup, as the Ravens certainly won’t bench a healthy Lamar Jackson for him.

I suspect he’ll get an offer from another NFL team. Fortunately, you have many months before the next dynasty draft. I think we’ll know what Huntley’s situation is by then.

Trick with ERFA is, he can only negotiate with other teams after he turned down Baltimore’s offer. But yeah, for an offseason gamble stash, it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like he’ll cost me anything.

Couldn’t decide between Huntley and Mills, so I made the only reasonable decision:

I stashed Mitch Trubisky. :sweat_smile:

Here’s hoping that the Steelers will sign him as Big Ben’s successor.

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I like Huntley or Mills better. Huntley has already shown he has awesome upside, and Mills strikes me as a high upside guy. Even though Trubisky has his “excuses”, what if they he turns out to be another Sam Darnold?

I don’t see the big upside for Mills. He’s married to the Texans for another 3 years. The franchise is in disarray, and it will take easily another 2-3 years to turn them around, and into a team you’d like to be invested in.

If Mills is still their QB by then, he might become interesting. But that’s a long shot.

Huntley, as discussed, is a great QB. The key question is if he’ll be a starting QB anywhere next year, or remains the backup in Baltimore. My gut feeling says: the latter. Which would mean his fantasy value is zero, as long as Lamar is healthy.

Trubisky should be able to secure a starting gig somewhere. There are several teams that definitely need a new QB next year and will likely go the veteran route. The Steelers are the most prominent example.

Another interesting stash is Kellen Mond. The Vikings are married to Kirk Cousins for one more year, and I would be very surprised if they extended his contract yet again. Instead, I think his job security will be on the wane next season. From all I hear, the Vikings like what they see in Mond. He could be a starter come 2023.

I already have Trey Lance, Daniel Jones, Jameis Winston and Mitch Trubisky stashed in that league. I can add 1 more QB, if I cut Jonnu Smith. Might take a gamble on Huntley, or maybe on Fromm, depending on how he will look this weekend.

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Pulled the trigger on Huntley. The scenario I’m hoping for: the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson to the Saints and sign Huntley as his successor.

Likely? Maybe not. But if it happens, I’d have to spend an early pick on Huntley in the 2022 draft (we draft rookies and free agents in that league).

If it doesn’t happen, and the Ravens pay good money to keep Huntley as Lamar’s backup (much more likely), I can still drop him before the draft.

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