The Year of the TE?

Some great rookie TE’s out there this year…who do you like and why?

For me, I am liking me some Freiermuth!! Now I know Pitts will get everyone excited, myself included, but this guy MUTH, is going to be a super STUD!! Roethlisberger has already compared him to Heath Miller,which to me says alot about who Ben is going to be looking to in the endzone. I think Ebron will be an after thought this year and MUTH will be the talk of Steeler Nation. Also will give Ben someone in mid to short range to throw to besides Najee, NOTE: I am not a real Steeler fan…but this TE is going to be fun to watch…

If you’re not drafting for a dynasty league, you should never, ever draft a rookie TE.

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You’re a year early. While Pitts might be able to eke out a top 5 year this year, for most rookie TE’s, wait until next year.

The key this year is to look at guys who have been in the league for a few years. There are some solid ones who haven’t had breakout seasons yet. Here’s some:

Jonnu Smith: Granted, this is his 5th season, but he had 9 td’s last year on only 41 catches for Tennessee. Now he is with New England. If he becomes Mac’s go-to TE, watch out!

Dan Arnold: Could “Darnold to Arnold” be a thing? Arnold’s stats improved last year, and he seems to be making a connection with Sam Darnold. If Darnold can improve his play, and he has nowhere to go but up after the Gase/Jets years, Arnold could see top 5 potential.

Robert Tonyan: This is only his 4th season, after scoring 11 td’s last year. Could he elevate his game some more?

Mike Gesicki: Another 4th year TE. Will Tua’s elevated game lift Gesicki’s boat? Gesicki wasn’t bad last year, with 703 yards and 6 td’s.

Irv Smith: A 3rd year TE poised for big things before he got hurt, Right now, he is only expected to miss the first game, but could be a good stash risk.

Adam Trautman: This 2nd year Saints TE has potential, especially as an additional dump-off target for Jameis Winston, as well as end-zone target.