The NFL Speaks!

If you are trying to figure out which teams will stink this year, the NFL has an opinion, based on the recently released schedule:

I disagree with them about the Falcons, but the other teams are spot on.

I don’t. Yes, they have Bijan now, and he will be great for fantasy purposes. But that doesn’t mean the Falcons will actually win games.

Ridder didn’t stink last year, but he didn’t exactly excite, either. He’ll probably need another year.

And while Bijan is no doubt an upgrade, the rest of the team still stinks. The o-line got a solid upgrade in Matthew Bergeron, and maybe Zach Harrison will prove useful for the defense.

Still, I don’t see how the 2023 Falcons will look spectacularly different from the 2022 ones. Better - yes. A lot better - no.

And that’s the only grief I have with them picking Bijan. From a fantasy perspective, it is a great landing spot. From a real life football POV, by the time the Falcons come into playoff shape, Bijan may have lost a lot of tread on his tires, though.

I see better chances for the Colts and the Texans to perform admirably this year.

The Cardinals will stink, there’s little doubt about that.

Other teams I see in a weak spot are the Panthers, the Bucs and the Broncos. For the Titans, Saints, Raiders and Rams I wouldn’t place high playoff bets, either.

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Does that include Drake London and Kyle Pitts? Even Mack Hollins is an upgrade to their WR corps.

As for Ridder, he could actually get the ball to receivers last season, something Mariota was having trouble with. Admittedly, nothing magical happened, although Drake London looked a lot better with Ridder than he did with Mariota.

If you want to pick on their defense, go right ahead. But their offense is miles ahead of where it was last year.