Thanks for these rankings

Just want to thank FP for spamming me every day to start Kicker J. Sanders over M. Gay and digging into my psyche of doubt in my playoff week. That move where I followed your advice cost me a final round in my big money league fantasy football, worth 0ver 2400 bucks. In fact, most weeks I followed the “experts” I had net less points than I would have when I followed my ballsack. Sofa King disappointing. I think Ill be done with this outfit next season. Value add has been underwhelming the last few years. Good luck all!!!

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Dude, if you blindly follow a ranking that’s determined by building the median off rankings from analysts who sometimes don’t even update their lists every week, then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

I’m not even trash-talking FP here. Their rankings are as good (or bad) as they come. But if you base your lineup on some dudes from the internet, then you have no place playing in big money leagues. Did you really think you could get rich by blindly following the advice of a website that’s frequented by tens of thousands of users every week? Really??

If you wanna leave, by all means: leave. But stop the drama queening. Nobody will come running after you, begging you to stay. Which you obviously hoped for, as I see no other reason why anybody would start such a thread.

Enjoy that salt, and don’t worry: your money isn’t lost. It’s just in somebody else’s pocket now.

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Dude… If you followed along in my rant, I wasn’t basing my entire season on FP, just mad at myself for listening to them when I should have stuck with my gut. Granted, Gay has not been performing well most of this year, but I was playing the weather and the home town matchup against a hapless opponent. Regardless of my loss, good on you for being all classy about it. Bang up job! Also good job posting why their in season predictions are not so great (assuming “by building the median off rankings from analysts who sometimes don’t even update their lists every week”). I ranted as any person would losing a great chance at big money. I didn’t ask for any attention, a refund or anything from FP. I just vented. However, you must have been lonely, dude. I never really post here and have been using the service for about 5 years now. I find their in season stuff inaccurate. The past 3 years I have kept track record of their “optimal” lineup suggestions and more often than not, it produced less points than I have earned using my own methods. Granted… there’s a lot of moving parts with my particular team in that particular year, player schedule, fantasy team schedule, matchups, weather, injuries’… etc. I don’t envy the devs that write that code. I LOVE their draft tool and rankings (Though Mike Evens fuqd everyone this year). That’s what I’ll stick to using going forward. Ill take these lumps and improve going forward. Good luck to you!

Nice reply and explanation. You should stop by more often.

You did a good job hiding that message behind sentences like

Anyway, I didn’t just want to bust your balls here. Guess we’ve all been in your shoes (I certainly have) and followed others’ advice when we should have listened to our gut. And I also know the urge to yell at the wall a little.

I also don’t want to defend FP. I actually agree that FP’s advice doesn’t provide a ton of value. The whole concept of ECR is flawed, if you ask me.

Still, your rant was a bit ill-timed, because, if we are honest, nobody predicted Gay to go off like that in week 16. It’s not even that he performed poorly - 21/23 FG and 23/24 XP up until including week 15. It’s just that he didn’t get a lot of opportunities.

The Rams ranked #29 in terms of FG attempts per game after week 15. And while the Broncos allow relatively many FG attempts thanks to their stout red zone defense, they usually don’t allow a lot of points scored against them (#30 after week 15).

At the same time, the Rams ranked #31 in points scored. So absolutely nothing pointed towards the Rams serving the Broncos a fifty burger, and Gay feasting the way he did. At best, I would have projected Gay in the 10-12 FFP range, but certainly not at 20+.

Personally, I don’t use the lineup tools here on FP at all. FP is useful to me in 2 areas: providing CSV-exportable stats. And providing waiver wire overviews. I usually check their weekly rankings every week, but not necessarily to adjust my lineup, but to quickly see what free agents are available in each league. Some platforms have a strange way of sorting free agents lists, so it’s often easy to miss a good FA if you scan each site manually. FP does that a lot better, especially if you play multiple leagues on multiple platforms.

But even then, I don’t use the waiver recommendations in the “My Playbook” section, but rather check their weekly rankings and filter out the taken players in each league.

The waiver assistant can be helpful, too, especially in live drafts with a short timer. But I do my own draft rankings for a while now, and my hit rate for players where I significantly disagree with FP’s rankings is pretty good so far. Especially in the mid rounds, which is usually where you win drafts.

TL;DR: I mostly agree with your assessment on FP’s in-season advice, but found the rant a bit ill-timed. There’s nothing wrong with venting, but if you do it in a forum you haven’t been active on yet, you gotta live with the responses. No hard feelings here, though.

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Well said and agreed. Good to talk things out on both sides.