Experts picks accuracy

This past week the I asked the FantasyPros should I start Kahlil Herbert as flex or Jordan Addison and the experts said 98% start Herbert. I also asked between kicker Joseph of Minnesota or Cairos Santos of Chicago and again 98% of the experts said Santos. Way way wrong on both. I still look for help but now I will pick the opposite of the experts. Very very poor.

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I believe everyone gets caught up in the gambling aspect of it. Buy low, sell high, the stats, etc. and they mean nothing. Nothing.

The “experts” speak with such certainty when there is no way to predict ANY of this. It is 99% luck and anyone who believes otherwise is wrong, period.

My older son couldn’t give two shits and is 8-4, girl in our league let her kids pick the team, 5-6, guy who never works waivers, empty bench spots, 6-5, guy who over researches everything, 4-8. And my 8 year old’s team which is all his favorite players is 8-4 and dominant, LOL.

Amen. They should be called “expert guessers”. MOST of it is luck, but research helps, you gotta keep grabbing information. and we want some insight from people who know what’s going on the inside. I bet these “experts” just pick-pick-pick with very little research and spin their own wheel (I love that feature!) to get it over with. However, the “set it and forget it” players in my 12 team league are in dead last. I am first in my division and I have 30 transitions. These experts are not experts. It’s impossible to be an expert like GuildedAge implied.

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Full disclosure I research the hell out of this stuff, so I am as guilty as anyone because I LOVE the details.

My son is a 49ers fan, starts Purdy over Josh Allen, stills wins, LOL

I am all over that. I LOVE the details. Can’t get enough. I say I’m in first place now, but in my 20 years going league, I haven’t won in five years. You said it. NO WAY to be an expert.

Welcome aboard!

Experts are only useful if you have no clue, and barely even then. This includes the stock market, but that’s another discussion,

That is so blasted right on. Experts is a term that is used to qualify a guest that you don’t know what else to say about on TV. Or that you use to get traffic on your fantasy football sight. Let’s go back to your first statement: The gambling aspect of it. Done.

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Even if you know everything there is to know about a particular subject, that does not preclude you from being wrong at any given time.

I took a card dealing course for a job at one of the casinos here, and it was taught by the ultimate gambling addicts and casino junkees and they made this very clear: There are NO reliable “systems” and moreover, the be-all end-all of gambling, NEVER bet on sports.

Experts are far from infallible but knowledge and research will give you the best chance to win. I do this and it has worked. Over 3+ years I won 60 of 90 games winning 2 titles, 2 3rd’s, a 6th on long term start up and this year 2nd, 2nd and 3rd a game out in the stretch run. This is all documented with Yahoo.

It was not 99% luck and I did not lose to anyone who did not know the game.

Experts like Fitz here, Jahnke at PFF and former GM Speilman with the trio at CBS are all extremely good and worth consulting on your thinking.

A random pick on a site with many so called experts you don’t know, not so much. Just my view.