TEs Scoring has Gone Mad!

Just go to week #9 to see how TEs went crazy this week. It is great to have the position back to mattering but this scoring is above and beyond.


I love seeing this. Hopefully this a trend that continues

In my view it really adds to the game and is bringing back a position I was missing.

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I would put an asterisk next to Taysom Hill. He’s more of a swiss army knife than a TE.

Taysom just won’t go away. He flashes and then is useless for a year and now again. I think he is a pain and should be given one position to get rid of him.

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He’s probably more useful as a TE than any other position. Would anyone touch him as an RB or QB? I think not.

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Yes and he has been MIA for a year. Now he’s good. NOT buying it.