Teams I don't like

These are just some teams I don’t like, for either fantasy purposes, or other reasons (in no particular order):

–49ers: Other than George Kittle, name one player on the 49ers offense who can be top 12 this year? And honestly, I’m not so sure about Kittle staying healthy enough for it. That leaves…nobody.

–Giants: Same as the 49ers, except their Kittle is Barkley. And his injury history is even worse.

–Bengals: The Bungles are actually better than the last two. But they are still the Bungles for a reason: Decades of futility aren’t erased quickly. Just look at last year: It looks like they have finally found their solution at QB, and he gets hurt early in the season. Only the Bungles.

–Bears: The last great QB the Bears had? Jim McMahon. It’s nearly impossible to play QB in Chicago (I suspect it’s the winds, but that’s only theory). Allen Robinson has so much upside that will never be realized there. And feel sorry for Justin Fields too. The Bears rely on defense and a running game, and David Montgomery is only ok.

–Cardinals: Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins. After that…nothing but streaming optimism.

–Lions: See the Bengals above. Except without any hope at QB or WR.

–Texans: The Texans are the metaphorical equivalent of Hiroshima after WWII. This team was nuked. If Deshaun Watson comes back, they MIGHT have some chances for wins. Otherwise, 0-17 sounds possible. This is the 1976 Buccaneers. Just keep driving and try not to run into the car ahead of you.

–Chiefs: I’m a Raiders fan. Screw the Chefs. We showed you guys how to beat them. The Bucs listened, and won a Super Bowl with it. Time for the rest of the NFL to get it. That said, I don’t blame people for taking Chiefs in fantasy. Just understand they have already peaked. They won’t be bad, but they won’t get better.

Aside from the Chefs, I won’t say I won’t take anyone from these teams. But I will lower them in my priorities, taking players from other teams first.

Therein lies the virtue in identifying teams you don’t like. It allows you to downgrade or outright eliminate players from your draft list, thereby allowing you to concentrate on players you like or ones that have a brighter future. To use the old idiom, it eliminates the chaff from the wheat.