TE - LaPorta or McBride?

I have both, in a league that does not allow a TE at the flex position. Which one is the better start LaPorta vs Chicago or McBride at Houston? Or is just a “you cannot go wrong with either one, flip a coin” situation?

Yes. :sweat_smile:

I am in the same situation in one of my leagues. But that one does allow to start a TE on FLEX, so I’ll indeed start them both.

If I had to chose, I’d probably go with LaPorta, as he’s playing at home and has provided a bigger sample size. McBride is playing on the road, and has only 1 game with Kyler Murry on record. I still think he’s a fine start, but LaPorta may have a safer floor, while both provide the same upside.

How surprised are you of rookie TEs coming of are in the 2nd half?

I am indeed. TEs usually become usable only in their 3rd year. So even McBride’s second year breakout is a rather early one…

Among the rookies, it’s only LaPorta who operates above streamer level for fantasy purposes. Kincaid shows a lot of promise, as does Musgrave. Mayer is treding up as well. Bot none of them is better than your average streaming TE yet.

Still, it’s good to see that there is some serious influx of young talent on the TE position. Next year’s class seems to offer 1 or 2 as well. Maybe the TE landscape won’t look as barren anymore in the near future.

But then we will have the RB position to worry about. And the QB position is a mess as well. At least half of the teams have a starting QB who’s either injured, or sucks.

I see Kincaid and Ferguson in the top 10 and as you say 2 move in this year’s draft. There are also 4 QB’s I like.

I’m still not sure about Kincaid. He’s playing great for a rookie TE, but the Bills never used the TEs a whole lot in their passing game. Maybe that will change now that they have a better option than Knox. But the usage could limit Kincaid’s upside.

Ferguson - another 2nd year TE who broke out early. That one didn’t surprise me that much. The Cowboys utilized Schultz a ton last year, and he’s gone now. So the opportunity was there for Ferguson. Good to see he made the best of it.

Up until last year, there were only 3-4 TEs worth drafting:

and maybe Kittle, whom I never liked, as he is capable of monster performances, but disappears in most weeks.

After that, the dropoff in weekly production was so steep that you could as well stream the position, even in dynasty formats.

This year, things look better. In addition to the 4 above, we also have:

Schultz (who has proven that he can produce with any team)

I’d add Ferguson, Kincaid and McBride as well, as they probably have not reached their ceiling yet. Goedert has been a disappointment so far, but may be able to bounce back next year as well.

Musgrave and Mayer may be draftable as well next year. That would leave us with a full round of TEs that are worth drafting next year. And you don’t have to spend a 1st on Kelce any longer, as the production falloff behind him has become a lot shallower than it used to be.

Great point. I was looking to trade Kelce but in shopping for a partner I do not see who are in dire need at TE. Big difference from a year ago.