TE/Flex decision

I need 2 of these 3 for TE and Flex:

G. Kittle
M. Andrews
M. Williams

(basically if Andrews plays, who of the above three should i sit?)

I’ve also got Toney and Swift…but I’m holding Toney back in case DaVante Adams doesn’t go and I’m not trusting Swift until he flashes again.


Kittle’s 2022 production (half PPR):

Week 1: OUT
Week 2: OUT
Week 3: 4.8
Week 4: 3.4
Week 5: 5.2
Week 6: 12.3
Week 7: 18.8
Week 8: 11.4
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: 2.6

So in 9 weeks (not counting the BYE), he had 3 good games, 4 bad ones and missed 2. Which is exactly what we’re seeing from Kittle for years now. I will never understand why he still rated so highly.

So unless Andrews won’t play, I’d sit Kittle.

Latest reports have Mike Williams playing. He is a WR2 and vs KC a top 15 WR.

What do you need? Upside or Floor?

Upside: Andrews, Williams
Floor: Andrews, Kittle