Kittle hits Waiver Wire

Kittle’s owner dropped him this week. No one has jumped on him yet. I have Fant and Gesicki as my two TEs (only start one each week). I’m thinking about dropping Devonte Booker and grabbing Kittle. Seems crazy to carry three TEs in a one TE league but I’m not sure I want to drop either of Fant or Gesicki right now and I could probably move one of them in a trade since the position is so thin. Thoughts?

Basically the same thing happened to me last year: A guy in my league cut him after he got hurt (forgetting our league’s IR). So I grabbed him and stashed him on my IR. He finally came back, ironically the week I was playing against the guy who dropped him. I started him, and he helped win that game for me. Unfortunately, Kittle got hurt again, and he was done for the season so I had to cut him.

If you have an IR, he is worth a spot on it. If not, just cut him loose.

Unfortunately, no IR in our league, so I think I’ll follow that advice and leave him be. Thanks for your thoughts.

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