In "Team Analysis" after a Mock Draft - Why is George Kittle ranked 12th - is it a glitch?

In a mock draft, I picked Kelce in the 2nd round and Kittle in the third. When I finished drafting, I checked the Team Analysis and Kittle as a flex was ranked 12th. Is this a glitch that automatically ranks a TE last? Just curious.

Hi, can you please post the Draft Analyzer link for that draft? Thanks.

This is the link: Fantasy Football Draft Analysis | 12 Team CBS League | Aug 3, 2021. It is based on a cheat sheet I made for my league. It is somewhat different because receiving TD’s are 8 points and there are no negative scores. Take care.

Lewis Camp

Kittle is actually ranked 10th, but that is for the flex position, NOT as a TE. Remember, he is competing against a lot of non-TE’s in the flex.

Lesson: TE’s generally aren’t great flex players, even top level TE’s.

I was using rankings from my league in CBS Sports. If Kittle is projected to have more points than most of the Flex players he is against he should be a good flex player. Points are points. Kelce would be a great Flex player with Kittle as the TE.

Here is the Flex projections:

If it is based on your personal rankings, you need to revisit your draft list. They may not be in the order on which you built the list.

Thanks for your advice. This was just a “what if.” My league projections are higher for Kittle than even the high projection that you have in FantasyPros. Bottom line: I don’t think I could draft two TE’s in the first 3 rounds because my RB’s or WR’s would suffer. Take care.

Lewis Camp