TCU versus Kansas

I just finished watching the best football game I have seen this year, and it was college: TCU (ranked 17) versus Kansas (ranked 19). The final score was 38-31, with TCU winning a tight one. The halftime score was 10-3, but both teams scored 4 td’s in the second half.

Obviously, I always watch college football with an eye towards next year’s draft. Here are my notes:

  1. Jalon Daniels, the highly rated Kansas qb, was trash. 89 yards passing on 5-10. He added a pathetic 6 rushing yards on 7 carries. He left the game at the end of the second quarter with a shoulder injury. This was the best thing to happen to Kansas today, as…

  2. …Kansas second string qb Jason Bean was a breath of fresh air for Kansas, accounting for all 4 of their passing td’s in the second half, 262 passing yards and 34 rushing yards on 7 carries (and 1 pick). The kid looked really good. He’s a senior, and is 6’3" and 200 pounds, and could easily be a top draft pick next spring.

  3. Speaking of qb’s, TCU’s Max Duggan was no slouch. The 6’2, 210 pound senior won the game for TCU with 308 passing yards, 3 td’s, 1 pick, 9 carries, 55 rushing yards, and a rush td. He might be contesting for 1st round status if he can continue like this.

  4. The only rb to score was TCU’s Kendre Miller. He looked much better in the second half than the first, as if somebody had lit a fire under him. He has good size at 6’0", 220 pounds, so he could be in the conversation for rb’s to draft next year, if he decides to enter the draft as a junior.

  5. The star of the wr’s was TCU’s Quentin Johnston, who had 14 catches for 206 yards and a td. He looked the part of an NFL alpha wr, at 6’4" and 215 pounds, although he might need some more upper body bulk. He was awesome at finding seams in zone coverage, getting obscenely wide open, and he wasn’t bad at contesting for catches either.

  6. Another star wr was Kansas’s Quentin Skinner, who had 4 catches for 98 yards and 2 td’s. He’s a 6’5", 190 pound sophomore, which is a scary thought. He already shows excellent end zone presence.

  7. Finally, Kansas WR Luke Grimm caught my eye, with 6 catches for 73 yards and a td. At 6’0" 190 pounds, the junior showed some nifty route running, looking like a slightly larger Hunter Renfrow.

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Missed that game but next year’s draft looks to be “One for The Ages” at this juncture with QB’s galore and 2 or 3 legit 1st round RB’s with great WRs to boot.

We will be able to trade for picks this off season, CAN’T WAIT!!!

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