Dynasty waiver wire scouting report: Demetric Felton

Looking over the waiver wire prospects for the week, I found an intriguing one: WR/RB Demetric Felton of Cleveland.

Watching the highlights from the Browns game with the Texans (obviously, take the results with a grain of salt), I was quite impressed with Felton’s moves. So I went back and looked at his UCLA college highlights. This guy has some incredible moves, from outright burst to long running speed to side-to-side moves, stopping and starting on a dime, he is the complete package. Every time he touches the ball, he is a threat to take it all the way. he can make DB’s look silly trying to tackle him, THAT is how good he is.

Of course, there is a downside: He’s 5’9", 189 pounds. He won’t be a bellcow ever. And with Chubb and Hunt firmly entrenched ahead of him, his playing time will be limited unless there’s an injury.

All that said, he is worth a stash in deeper dynasty leagues, or keep him as a handcuff to Chubb or Hunt. He is at least worth keeping an eye on in general, because he is seriously dangerous. Even if he only gets 10-15 touches a game, those should be highly efficient, with strong scoring potential each time.

I have him on my watchlist. But so far, he got 2 targets, and turned 1 of them into a TD. That’s still far, far away from becoming fantasy relevant.

Personally, I prefer players who got involved, but didn’t capitalize yet. My sleeper recommendation for this week is Luke Farrell (TE/JAC).

He didn’t get involved yet. But James O’Shaughnessy did. 8 targets in week 1. Another 1 early in week 2, before he had to leave the game and ended up on IR.

Chris Manhertz looks like more of a blocking TE, so there is a chance Farrell will step into O’Shaughnessy’s role. Or fade into meaninglessness, who knows.

But any TE who has a chance of seeing 6-10 targets on a regular basis is welcome on my bench. So I preferred him over Denver’s Albert O. and stashed him on my Taxi Squad for at least the next 2-3 weeks.

Actually, if you watched the Jags before this year, O’Shaughnessy showed some brief flashes of talent. He is the one to watch. I withhold judgement on his backups for now.

Farrell didn’t look too bad during the preseason himself. If he can step into O’Shaughnessy’s role, and if that role was as big as week 1 suggested to begin with, both remains to be seen. He’s a very deep sleeper for sure, but at least he’s playing for a team that seems to be willing to involve a TE.

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