Sutton for Jonathan Taylor?

Who has the best upside?

My friends team is going down in flames. He’s currently on a 6 game losing streak. He has offered me JT for courtland Sutton? Is there hope jt will turn it around. Sutton too has underperformed my expectations with Russ. Should I take a risk on JT?

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Welcome aboard!

Two fantasy assets on crash-and-burn teams. Both underperforming lately. Don’t expect either of them to win you a championship. Then again, maybe that is the way to look for upside here?

Looking at their week 15-17 opponents:
Sutton: Cardinals, Rams, Chiefs
Taylor: Vikings, Chargers, Giants

Looking at projected points for both of them, JT has a decided advantage by a few points during those weeks. He’ll easily be a better flex play during those weeks. I’d take JT.

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It would take five to seven Courtland Suttons to equal one Jonathan Taylor.