Surviving Trey Lance

1QB league, currently have Jared golf and Jameis Winston, someone just dropped Brady. How much (if any) FAB should I spend to get Brady.

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None, you already have one better QB than Brady, and if you had Jared Goff instead of that “golf” fellow, you’d have two.

Notice that Brady is QB28? I think we are seeing the cliff. Keep Goff and Winston, and move on.

None at all, if you ask me. Goff looks rock solid this year, scooped him up myself in a league where Lance was my QB1. Winston is my other QB, and while he was rather disappointing so far, I still have hope that the offense as a whole can get better.

Forgot to mention I’m 0-3 :sob: panic is setting in

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Brady is QB27 at the moment. His owners say the same.

If you are 0-3, time to look at all of your positions, not just qb.