SuperBowl: Flacco or Browning to start?

Week 16, for it all! QB scoring 4pt/pass TD and 1 pt/ 25 passing yards
My options at QB are narrowed down to Browning or Flacco.
I do t think there is going to be a big difference.
Browning has had a better average but has a harder matchup against Pit
Flacco has a better matchup vs Hou. Other considerations is Flacco and his TEs and the fact my opponent has njoku.

Any thoughts

Browning has the better match up and would be my choice.

Injuries make big differences to D’s

What do you see the point difference between them being?
My thought from the Flacco vs Njoku matchup is if Njoku goes off I’m getting 4 of his 6 pt touchdowns.

I try not to overthink on a second player. the first is tuff enough.