Week 6 - Start Dak Prescott or Jalen Hurts?

Week 6: Should I start Dak Prescott vs New England or Jalen Hurts vs Tampa Bay?

Dak Prescott is the way to go here for sure. New England"s defense just isn’t the same anymore. And from the nickname i see that you are a giant fan just like me so you know how tough it is to say that cowboys are just that good this year.

I’d have to lean towards Hurts on this one. How do you bench him when he’s been money in the bank all season? Dak got shut down by the Chargers, so it is possible for him to have a bad week. If NE wants to shut down the pass, they will.

aleksandar and edmcgon - Thank you for your advice. I started Prescott. Hurts got four more points than Prescott due to 1 fumble and 1 interception. Great to hear from another Giant fan. You must know what the numbers 56, 21 and 10 mean in my name.

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