Super Bowl Picks

With the season only a few days away, let’s hear your Super Bowl picks! Just the participants, not the winner, unless you want.

For me, I am picking the Dolphins and the Rams! Both teams have solid defenses, and their offenses got some good upgrades this year.

Disclaimer: I am a Raiders fan. As much as I love my team, I will only predict a playoff berth for them. Even if it’s wild card, it is progress.

Chiefs win 3 of the next 5.

Oh please! Everyone has already figured out, if you pressure Mahomes, they fold like a cheap suit. Their defense is nothing special. If you shut down their passing game, they die. Chiefs win 0 of the next 2. I won’t go 5 out.

Two problems with this theory.

  1. It’s factually incorrect. Tampa Bay tried to pressure Mahomes in the Super Bowl and he still got away the passes they needed to win. He just needed his receivers to not let them bounce off of their face masks.
  1. After all the upgrades to the Chiefs’ offensive line in the offseason, Mahomes will now be passing from the football equivalent of Fort Knox, and no one will be ABLE to pressure him.

Chiefs Turn Mahomes’ Pocket Into Fort Knox

I don’t think I’ve seen any offensive line so good they couldn’t succumb to a sufficiently good pass rush.

Packers and Ravens. Aaron Rodgers will be on his “Last Dance” title run, and the Ravens will come back hungry from last year.

Not biased at all hahaha

Prepare yourself…