Playoff Predictions: Wildcard Round

Just for fun guys. Let’s see who can predict the most winners in the playoffs this year. I’ll start…

Browns at Texans: This is the hardest one of the week for me. Two great defenses, two good offenses. I expect this to be low-scoring, but I’d never bet against CJ Stroud in an evenly-matched big game. Texans win a close one.

Dolphins at Chiefs: Could this be one of the coldest games in NFL history? If it snows, I have to lean towards the better running team, and that is easily the Dolphins. But if it’s just really cold, it’s a coin toss between these passing games. Give me the Dolphins.

Steelers at Bills: Not even a question here. Give me the scrappy Bills.

Packers at Cowboys: This is the Boys’ game to lose, but as we’ve seen in previous playoff years, they can snag defeat from the jaws of victory easily. The Packers are certainly capable of taking this one, but I can’t bring myself to take them. Have to take the Cowboys at home until they choke.

Rams at Lions: My gut says, take the Lions here. Better defense.

Eagles at Buccaneers: Are there two teams in the playoffs that deserve to lose more? The underachieving Eagles versus the “squeak by the Panthers” Bucs? I’ll pick the Eagles, but only because I know they are capable of more.

Disagree on a couple in taking the Browns and the Rams.

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And what are your thoughts there?

I don’t see Texans running at all or Stroud going off vs this D.

I’m giving one more week to the hot handed elder QB.

Rams D has been VG and Goff is not a proven pressure QB. I believe he will struggle with 2 or more turnovers.

I’ll go with the proven vets in Stafford and Kupp here.

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I won’t disagree, because these games could go either way.

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Forgot to mention Detroit has a VG run D but horrible vs the pass.

That was one week too many. Stroud is the real deal, and so is the Texans defense. I would not want to be the higher seed playing them next week.

HORRIBLE pick by me and cost me $100.

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I won $17 from the Texans. Not a big gambler. :slight_smile:

I was wrong on this one, but I did say it was coin toss without the snow.

I got 3 out of 6. On the bright side, Joe got 1 out of 6. Let’s move on to next week…

What is your point? lol Could not resist.

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I have to jab you! You know that was coming?

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Yeah but the jab was softened by my winning money on LA with the 3 point spread where you would have lost. :slight_smile:

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No worries there. I pulled in $17 off the Texans and another $5 off the Packers. When the Cowboys started with their usual playoff swoon, I jumped on the mid-game spread. :slight_smile:

Overall, I got 3 out of 6. I only see you picking 1 out of 6 straight up. :wink: