Start both Sanders and Beasley for WR?

All the advice on the site and the projected scores would indicate to start both Sanders (Buf. 13.2 pts) and Beasley (Buf. 14.32 pts) in today’s game. I hate starting 2 WR’s from the same team for obvious reasons. I’m planning to bench Beasley and go with Tyler Boyd (Cin, 11 proj. pts.) since he is technically still dealing with a rib injury. Even if he starts, I’m guessing he won’t be as effective if any of that injury is still bothering him. Thoughts?

In theory, the Jags are a fantastic opponent for WRs. That doesn’t mean guaranteed volume for Buffalo pass catchers, though, as there are simply too many of them. Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Gabe Davis and Tommy Sweeney can all have a field day today. Not all at the same time, though, unless the Bills serve the Jags a fifty burger (I wouldn’t rule that out, though).

I don’t blame you for not wanting to start both players, and Beasley would be the one to bench then.

I don’t have any trouble starting two receivers from one team. I remember the Rams back in the early 2000’s, when Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt would frequently put up good games at the same time. But they were like a WR1A and WR1B. Putting up a WR1B and a WR2? Risky, but not impossible. During the rough middle season bye weeks, we sometimes have to make odd choices, and this is a good example. Especially against a weak opponent like the Jags, why not? There are worse gambles you could take.

Thanks, Beasley is now marked healthy and good to go, so I"m throwing the dice and going with both.