Need help! Wrs / Conner // played v. Kelce

QB - Dak
RB - Taylor
RB - Chubb
WR - Kirk
WR - KJ Osborn
FLX - Conner
TE - Gronk
K - Folk

… I have Pittman Jr. - - should I start him over Kirk or Osborn - - also have: Gage.

I’m worried about Conner playing effectively… but am I over-thinking Pittman??

I played Kelce yesterday and got crushed. Non-ppr. - - any help much appreciated.

I think Pittman hasn’t seen a td since the start of November, and his yards have been meh mostly (meh is the highly technical fantasy term for it!). You’re right with Kirk and Osborn. Stick with your initial picks.

Conner against Detroit? Considering what he’s done so far this season, you have to leave him in there unless he doesn’t play.