So do we pick up Trevor Siemian now?

Jameis is out for the season.

Taysom Hill is a gadget player, if you ask me, plus he’s still out after suffering a nasty concussion.

Trevor Siemian looked really good. So can we expect him to take over Jameis’ old role, with maybe a few more Taysom plays added in?

Do we add him in 2 QB leagues?

I’d look at Mike White first, but Trevor Siemian does look intriguing. Not sure if he’ll get the call or Taysom. Remember, Taysom is still Sean Payton’s first love. Even when Payton got Winston, he was still quite enamored of Taysom’s talent. I’d follow the story closely before choosing, because Payton could easily flip to Taysom.

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Mike White is already gone in my 2 QB league. His new owner even started him, and is one happy camper today.

Essentially, I need a QB for week 12, when Mahomes has his bye week. So Siemian is intriguing, as he would have 3 more weeks to show if he is startable, or if I’d rather start an RB or WR on SFLEX.

Yeah, Payton sees things in Taysom that nobody else can see. Even if Siemian gets the nod, Taysom will certainly factor in a lot more than he did with Jameis as the starter. That could limit Siemian’s fantasy potential.

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Now there’s a juicy rumour: could Drew Brees come back and help his old team out for the remainder of the season?

Brees already said no.

He did. Philip Rivers did not, though.

Anyway, consensus seems to be that Taysom Hill will return this week, and will get the nod on the QB position.

So the answer to my initial question would be: no, we do not pick up Trevor Siemian.