Waiver Wire For Tua’s Replacement

Any advice for options on possibly replacing Tua? The waiver wire options are pretty thin right now. Bridgewater, Winston, Wilson, Geno Smith, and Tannehill are the “best” options really, Should I pick up one of these? Or should I cross my fingers and hold on to Tua?

Bridgewater, if you want to capitalize on the rather soft matchup the Dolphins have.

Or Geno Smith, if you believe he can keep up his great performance so far against a rather stout Saints D.

The other 3 are risky.

Wilson (assuming we’re talking Zach here) is shaky and faces a Miami D, that is potent, but uninspired so far. Risky start.

Jameis Winston still isn’t practicing and may well miss another game.

And Tannehill has a good matchup, but has been pretty underwhelming so far.

Agree on the Bridge. Tua may play in week 6, stay tuned.

To give both sides a concussion doctor said Tua should retire. NFL is sometimes better than a soap opera. NO DISRESPECT to Tua but, to those chiming in for publicity. Just my view.