Dynasty versus Keeper?

Online technology hasn’t caught up to the keeper league format. If somebody knows an online platform that works for keeper leagues, I’m all ears. But dynasty is good in multiple platforms, ranging from Yahoo to Sleeper to Fleaflicker.

So why are we still doing keeper leagues?

I just participated in a keeper league draft today, and it was a cluster. There was no way to prepare for it, since no platform really promotes a “some veteran, all rookie” draft. And don’t even get me started on how draft pick trades worked in it!

I am seriously thinking, go dynasty or go home. Keeper leagues are anachronistic. Let them die.

So keeper leagues are more suited to people who don’t need crutches at their drafts. Got it.

Mr. Auction Draft has no room to comment here.

Why not? A snake draft is a crutch as well, further emphasizing my point.

Keeper leagues don’t typically have snake drafts, except for the first draft. Do you have a point, or are you just rambling as usual? Get back on the lawn, gnome.

Yes, my point was the general contempt I feel for people who use draft crutches, especially those they had to pay for.

Ya, same deal. All though YahoO lets you order “next pick” lines that combine with their ‘Xrank’, then back to ‘ADP’ and later… projected points.

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