Should Consolation Games Be Eliminated?

I hate playing for anything but a title in post season and just as soon forfeit games that are for anything less. However, it is not in my nature to quit and give up no matter that it mans less than nothing.

Funny example- Damian and I were stuck playing in a 5th place game neither wanted to play. I suggested we play for a 5th (meaning a bottle) and he thought I meant the 5th rounder. We sorted it out and wagered $20 to give a bit of interest.

Now you know our opinions. What are yours?


I mixed it up a bit this year after noticing the major drop off of people still playing if they didn’t make the playoffs so I offered a good cash prize for the winner. Actually they won more than the 3rd place team. It’s cool. Last place guy with only 3 wins got it. But if there’s nothing to gain , financially or otherwise they are useless in my opinion. The buy in was kinda expensive and it’s a bummer to invest all the time into a league without a payoff so that was another contributing factor

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If we’re defining “consolation games” as ones that cannot result in winning a championship, winning money, or winning a better draft spot (or something similar) in the future, then yes…consolation games should be eliminated because they serve no useful purpose. Among my reoccurring leagues, I have one dynasty and three keepers with no consolation games - when you’re out for the year, you’re out, and that’s it for you until trading reopens after the Super Bowl - and it’s nice, clean and orderly that way. Love it.


The season is short enough anyway, so it never hurts to have more games.

But they need to be meaningful. And at the very least, the winning teams shouldn’t be punished. If you get an inferior draft spot for winning the 3rd Place Game, then there is absolutely zero incentive to even bring a lineup there.

For the consolation bracket winner, a prize like 10% extra FAAB can be a nice incentive. Other than that, the draft order among non-playoff teams should be determined by regular season seeding, though.


Good posts and food for thought. I would add that in leagues with a snake draft half your picks are better and worse. The difference is not much but can be substantial with the top picks in the first round.

I also do like the 6 team playoff with two byes which could not be done if the regular season is extended.

I know there is a best answer here, just not yet sure what it is.

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Get rid of consolation games entirely. When you’re out of the playoffs, there is nothing left.

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And yet, based on current posts, you seem to think it gives you bragging rights.

And yet, I still lasted farther into our playoffs than you did? I’ll let you concoct a fantasy for that!

I don;t care, meaningless. You won more games than Zak as well. Roll out the petty BS carpet of how good you are. You have not won before have you?

Actually, I won the first 2 years of the first keeper league I was in. In my home redraft league, I was in the championship game all three years. Winning leagues takes more than a bit of luck, especially in the playoffs.

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Does everyone here prefer the 6 team playoff with 2 byes?

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Yes, I prefer 12-team leagues with 6 teams in a 3-round playoff starting in week 15 and two teams getting a first round bye. Not an “absolute must” but a strong preference.


I feel the same way as you Bob. This kills extending the season to 15 games to eliminate the consolation games

I’m leaning to regular season draft order except for the playoff teams, like the NFL but still need more.

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It does work better. It rewards the 2 best teams with a bye.

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Except for the championship team, which should be forced to draft last.

No, anyone in the playoffs moves up or down in the draft. That makes sense as they all have something to play for.

With respect to draft order, my favorite system in leagues where I play is that of my three keeper leagues:

  • First, second, and third place finishers in one year (all of whom got money) pick 12, 11 and 10, respectively, the following year.
  • All through the regular season, teams win or lose matchups based on scores accrued by the lineups they set, but their potential points from their best lineup are also tracked (think best ball style). The teams who did not place in the top three draft the next year in order of their total potential points, 1 to 9 from smallest to largest TPP.

This renders tanking useless and gives teams that are struggling a chance to rebuild. Picks can also be traded in the offseason, so there are is all sorts of discretionary movement in actual draft order by the time the draft actually occurs.


I like that approach, as it indeed eliminates tanking.

I even went one step further for my dynasty leagues, to cover one more scenario: a team struggling in a season because several of their elite players were injured for most of the season.

Such a team will not perform well that season, but still looks strong for the next one, when all these injured players will be back.

So my idea (that the owners in both of my leagues rejected, though) was to base the draft order on the League Power Ranking determined by FantasyPros. If you are a premium subscriber, you will find it at:

My Playbook - League Analyzer - Power Rankings

Select “Dynasty rankings” from the dropdown, and it will show you the team ranking by dynasty value of their rosters.

It’s not a perfect science, but it comes pretty close to how I would set the draft order, if I was determine it.

And that system cannot be manipulated at all. The only way you can influence that ranking is by dropping players with a certain value. Which is a legitimate strategy, as far as I am concerned.

But, as I said, the owners in my leagues rejected it. :man_shrugging:
Probably because tanking is not an issue in either of both leagues.

Tanking is really more of a problem in casual redraft leagues, which is why I made every draft random, so there was no reward for tanking.

The only one thinking about it or mentioning it in our league was you in complaining about #8 vs #7.