Keeper: Derrick Henry in the 3rd or Saquoun Barkley in the 5th?

I have an opportunity to keep 1 so Derrick Henry in the 3rd Rd or Saquon Barkley in the 5th Rd? With this, every year you have the opportunity to keep someone not in your top 2 picks the previous year but it costs you 2 rounds. I kept Henry last year and it cost me a 5th Rd pick so this year he is a 3rd Rd pick if I keep him. Saquon I picked up last year and put him in my injury spot not knowing what would happen. If I keep him this year it costs me a 5th Rd pick and I could keep him next year with a 3rd Rd pick. Draft position isn’t known till the day of the draft so I am unable to project where I will draft. I am prone to overanalysing. I think they are both great values where they are. Henry seems like more of a lock, but Saquon gives more of secure future with being able to keep him next year too. Redraft league .5 point PPR. What are your thoughts?

This is a no-brainer. With Barkley’s injury history, plus the Giants’ wretched offense around him, you take Henry, period. The higher price is more than worth it.

You keep Henry. If Barkley was not coming off a major injury then you might consider him, but he is.