Saquon Barkley's 2021 Outlook?

What are your thoughts on Saquon for 2021? His ADP has remained steady – RB5 to RB6 – through the preseason, but his Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) has cratered from RB4 as recently as late July to RB8.

I posted this 30 days ago. Some of the stats may have changed, but the point remains the same:

“For all the experts ranking Saquon Barkley as a top 5 RB, none of them seem to be elevating Daniel Jones this year. That may equate to a lot of touches for Saquon, but it also equates to a lot of stacked defenses looking to stop the run. That isn’t a positive for a running back with an injury history whose name isn’t Derrick Henry.”

Basically, Saquon isn’t a first round RB, period. At best, I see him as a third RB. The odds against him getting the same RB1 upside he once had have dropped significantly.

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