Rookie Ranks Before Landings

Today’s rookie ranks are based on talent and past production. It will be good to see them now and then compare to the landing changes this weekend.

1 Marvin Harrison Jr. (FA) WR1 1 3 1.2 0.5
2 Malik Nabers (FA) WR2 2 5 2.3 0.7
3 Rome Odunze (FA) WR3 2 6 3.4 1.0
4 Brock Bowers (FA) TE1 3 7 4.3 0.9
5 Caleb Williams (FA) QB1 1 15 6.5 2.8
6 Brian Thomas Jr. (FA) WR4 4 18 7.3 3.5
7 Troy Franklin (FA) WR5 5 18 10.0 3.2
8 Xavier Worthy (FA) WR6 6 17 10.2 3.6
9 Jayden Daniels (FA) QB2 4 18 10.6 4.3
10 Ladd McConkey (FA) WR7 5 21 10.8 4.2
11 Jonathon Brooks (FA) RB1 8 22 12.3 3.2
12 Trey Benson (FA) RB2 8 18 13.0 2.4
13 Adonai Mitchell (FA) WR8 5 30 14.0 7.1
14 [Drake Maye](https://

This is the current consensus top baker’s dozen. I agree on players but not order.
I have the eight WRs listed as the best top picks

I agree that Bowers and Caleb are in the top players but not picks. The value of their positions drag them down. I have them ranked as #9 and #10.

It is a weak year for RBs but I have Brooks at #11 allowing for his needing time to recover from the ACL injury. I have Benson at #12 .

This is a deep draft and there is good talent into the third round in my view.

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The only prospect I might bet on at QB is Arch Manning, just because the bloodline is too good, and he isn’t coming out this year… The rest of them are all crapshoots.

I like Williams but will like him more if they add an Odunze, Taylor or close. Allen is done after this season if he makes it through. Moore is a FA next year and is aging as well.

Minny can make me like a QB as well.

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Williams is one of the biggest crapshoots of all because of his landing spot. No QB has had any kind of consistent fantasy success in Chicago. Jay Cutler was the last one to come kind of close, but he threw too many picks and lost too many games. Jim McMahon won a lot of games, but he was also injury prone. You have to go back to Hall of Famer Sid Luckman, way back in the 40’s, when the passing game was radically different from today’s standards.

If Justin Fields can become a good QB in Pittsburgh, I will feel even more vindicated in my opinion of “stay away from Chicago QB’s”. That town is poison to QB’s.