2022 Dynasty Rookie Ranks for Future

FP’s Dynasty rookie ranks based on talent and future projections.

1 Breece Hall]
2 Drake London
3 Garrett Wilson
4 Treylon Burks

Tier 2

5 [Kenneth Walker III
6 Jameson Williams (DET) WR4
7 Chris Olave (NO) WR5
8 George Pickens (PIT) WR6

Agree or disagree?


Breece Hall at #1 - sure, no questions asked, despite the injury.

But leaving Ken Walker out of the top tier begs the question why. He got injured in week 13, missed week 14 and played against the best defense in the league last night,. Other than that, he’s been playing a great season, and both his starter role and his QB situation should be safe for the foreseeable future.

Which leads me to the WRs, who are all very talented, but all suffer from the same problem: who will be their QB next year?

We can only safely answer that for Jameson Williams. The only question for him is how he and Amon-Ra will split targets next year.

But London, Wilson, Burks and Olave may all have a new QB next year, and we don’t know who it will be. And I’d add Christian Watson to that mix.

George Pickens will probably start the 2023 season with Kenny Pickett under center, but if that is the final answer to the Steelers’ QB situation also remains to be seen.

Based on talent alone, none of these QBs raises too many questions. Based on team situation, they all do.

So I’d say:

Tier 1a:

Breece Hall
Ken Walker

Tier 1b:
Jameson Williams
Drake London
Garrett Wilson

Tier 2:
Treylon Burks
Chris Olave
Christian Watson
George Pickens

Tier 3:
Rachaad White
Brian Robinson
Jahan Dotson

Tier 4:
Skyy Moore
Dameon Pierce
James Cook
Zonovan Knight
Greg Dulcich
Chig Okonkwo

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Well done and mostly agree. The top 9 are the class of this year’s draft. FP has moved them up and down a bit with the same players remaining.

It is good for all to see the number of rookies who contributed/impacted their teams. This was supposed to be a bad draft with next year projected to be special.

I know you and Ed have little interest at this time but posters do not share your feelings. I got two well done’s from FP for the number of posters clicking on my rookie threads.

It is what many wish to read and talk about.


You need to treat FP’s rookie ECR with caution, as some of the analysts contributing to it only update their dynasty rankings only every other week (or month). Exhibit A: Brock Purdy, who’s still firmly sitting in no man’s land and hasn’t moved an inch.

I still don’t think this draft class was extraordinary. Hall and Walker are the only safe starters that you can still count on for next year. The WRs are talented, but all suffer from their team woes, which could extend into next year. Christian Watson is the only safe start right now, and even his future is up in the air.

And as for the rookie QBs, who I deliberately left out - only one of them became a starter, and so far, he didn’t exactly scream “franchise material”. We will see pieces of Ridder now.

Other than that, we only saw players that weren’t drafted even in SFLEX dynasties: Bailey Zappe, whom I will stash in my SFLEX, as Mac Jones doesn’t have any kind of job security.

And Brock Purdy, the QB surprise of the season. Who looks like a kid that was forgotten on the school bus when he walks into the stadium. And like a dude who never did anything else than quarterbacking NFL teams as soon as he’s on the field. Another dynasty stash for me, even in my 1QB league, where my QB1 was supposed to be Trey Lance.

The 2023 class is likely to produce at least 2 (probably 3 or 4) immediate RB starters. 4-5 WRs that are very talented, but are as landing spot dependent as this year’s rookies. And a couple of QBs who look like they could be NFL material.

Hey, don’t let me stop you. I can obviously only speak for myself when saying that right now, with all trade windows closed, is not the time for me to look at next year’s draft class in detail, simply because there are no decisions for me to make right now.

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Agree, I have my own analysis of the rookies but defer to FP for now.

I see by your post that you are not looking at all at the 2023 draft with “at least 2 (probably 3 or 4) immediate RB starters.” :slight_smile:

I loved London and was able to get him in the 11th round. Close was Burks who I got with the last pick. Added Jameson on IR, same as Etienne and got Pickins off waivers.

I held on to them all year and London with Burks will be 2 of my keepers.

I trade Pickins fr a 4th and Jameson as part of a trade for a #1.

In my view, and that of others, they all had high value moving forward in our 8 player keeper league. Going this route did cost me having scoring vets to win games but was worth it for me.

I never said there was anything wrong in discussing rookies from this year’s class. It’s next year that is premature.

And I would add TE Isaiah Likely into tier 3, possibly even as high as tier 1b under the right circumstances… He’s shown he has the talent to be a big contributor. His problem is sitting behind Mark Andrews. I am holding Likely in all my dynasty leagues now.

I was referring to 2023 picks getting a whole lot of interest. FP said I had two very popular threads and the only other two were from Jimaay and Dan Harris who I never heard of.

FP wants the forum to grow and trying to help. The league has helped and any high content discussions are gold for any forum.

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Dan Harris used to be a Fantasy Pros analyst. He was pretty good.