Robby Anderson keep or drop for waivers?

I have a maximum roster of 5 WR. Have Mike Williams, J. Chase, A. Cooper, A.J. Brown, Robby Anderson. Can only start three max… Best wide recievers available on waviers are A.J. Green and Crowder. Hunter Renfrow was taken just before typing this question. I haven’t seen the video on Anderson targets. But, was close to catching these targets. Cooper and Brown hurt. Need positive volume points. Will Robby targets go down with McCaffrey return.

Robby’s a puzzle. In the last week of August, the Panthers gave him a $20M contract extension–and have completely ignored him ever since.

You HAVE to think things are going to work themselves out at some point–the Panthers are currently paying him like $1M per target–and I’m not sure I’d really trust either Green or Crowder as reliable starters at this point anyway, so I’m gonna bite the bullet and gamble on Anderson. I may not have him in my lineup until things change, but he has more upside if they do.