Restarting Dynasty League - Who to keep? Henry or Gibson

I get to keep 6 guys. I requested the league start over because it was an 8 team league and my team was too stacked. I’m keeping Josh Allen, Dalvin cook, Calvin Ridley, Terry Mclauren, and either Derrick Henry or Antonio Gibson. Obviously Henry is the better RB but for dynasty purposes do I just play Gibson’s future and try to trade away Henry for draft picks?

Exactly what you just said. Trade Henry for the picks.

Honestly, I own Henry in dynasty, and I’m scared. Last season was beautiful, but how much more can he do before he breaks down? Go with Gibson’s young legs.

It’s probably the last chance to get decent trade value for Henry. As soon as he starts regressing, or picks up a nasty injury, his value will plummet.

Of course, there is every chance that Henry plays another monster season. That’s the only reason why some owners will still pay top dollar for him. If you are in win-now mode, keep Henry and hope for the best. If not, consider a good offer if you get one.