Rest of Season Ranks from FP

From our front page you have player ranks for the rest of the season. It includes SOS (strength of schedule) for season and playoffs.

It will be some fun to discuss and debate positions.

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I’m not a fan of the ECR concept. An ounce of skimmed milk plus another ounce of skimmed milk does not produce 1 ounce of unskimmed milk, but 2 ounces of skimmed milk.

The more experts you add to the ECR, the more mediocre the results will become. If you have 10 stock market advisors, 2 of them will outperform the Dow Jones with their portfolio, and 8 won’t, then you don’t get better stock market advice by pooling the 10 of them.

Predicting football seasons is an imprecise science, as there are too many variables, and many of them are random.

Raise your voice, experts: who predicted this summer that, after week 3, the team with the highest passing volume in the NFL would be the New York Jets under QB Joe Flacco? (crickets chirping)

The best we can do is to create scenarios for teams, and then deduce what this could mean for players. I like analysts who explain what scenarios their rankings are based on, and what made them believe that this scenario will be accurate.

Because that puts me in a position where I can decide if I want to buy the premise, or if I would prefer to take a different approach.

On what premises this ROS ECR is based on, nobody knows. Chances are, you and me see different rankings there, if we have different expert filter settings.

As I said, not a fan of the concept.

I like the concept as it reduces my work by giving me some guidelines and I do not have to start from scratch. In no way do I follow them but like that they are there.

Notice I said it uld be fun to discuss and debate positions.