RB query PPR week 15

Zonovan Knight vs Det or J K Dobbins @ Cleveland??

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I’d lean towards Dobbins, mostly because Cleveland’s run defense is terrible, and the Ravens will likely rely on the run with a 3rd string QB starting.

I like but do still not trust Knight. Dobbins is the way to go.

Sure…just that I see Knight more involved in passing game as well

Do the Jets ignore Carter?

well that is what it looked like last game…also Gus Edwards is a factor with Dobbins

I would bet on Dobbins but, we shall see.

Well now with Mike White out…Its Dobbins for me

Week Rushing Receiving
12 14 for 69 (4.9 per) 3/3 for 34
13 15 for 90 (6.0 per) 5/5 for 28
14 17 for 71 (4.2 per), 1 TD 2/2 for 6

I find it hard not to trust him.

They did ever since their week 10 BYE. Why would they stop now, especially since his replacement goes through the roof?

Zach Wilson is bad news for the WRs, but not for the RB.

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I think the upside of receptions he had with White are down now…and the Det run D has been really good for the past few games…he will have some dumpoffs…still a flex start with limited upside…