Ranking 3 Top RBs

In Full PPR & Half PPR, rank these three players ins order from 1st to 3rd. Austin Eckler, Cam Akers, Jonathan Taylor

I’m in a 1 Qb 10 man dynasty league. I have the 1.01 rookie draft selection.

My wide receiver core is weak but my Rb’s are getting old and is one 1 injury away from being some mess. I have McCaffrey but we know his injury history.

I have Burrow as one of my Qb’s. I also have every other Steeler RB. Would you pick Chase or Harris?

The scoring is PPR with points per yards on TD runs and catches.

Who would be better for my team?

Taylor, Akers, Ekeler for me.

I am astonished how many people aren’t Eckler believers. The dude is a monster PPr machine, Herbert loves him and there’s no competition there.

I have them in this order Taylor Akers Eckler

I would take Harris and see if you could trade for some decent WRs. I don’t know about your league, but RBs are hard to come by and every guy in the league will not trade unless you are giving up the farm.

I think RBs are def hard to come by after first 2 rounds in most re draft leagues unless it’s full PPR. I’ve done a lot of mock drafts thus far and it seems like most high ends WRs are off board by end of 2nd round

Real close for me, but I’d have Taylor, Ekeler, Akers in full PPR, and Taylor, Akers, Ekeler in half PPR