My Fantasy RB Draft

There is a whole lotta disagreement on who to draft at RB this year. Here is my two cents worth which I hape to be worth more this season. Half PPR

Taylor #1 next,
Ekeler- complete feature back in a great position.
Harris- complete back in a rough position but the volume.

McCaffrey, Henry, Cook- Stars but injury, age and teams bother me.

Swift & Williams- Up and coming to be special.

Chubb, Jones, Fournette, Barkley - Pass if I can
Rather have Hall, Erienne, Mitchell and Walker

Next up

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Read an interesting factoid today: in this century, no RB finished 2 consecutive seasons as the overall fantasy RB#1.

Actually, no RB who finished as RB#1 once was able to repeat the same at a later point in his career.

There is only one RB who managed to finish as a top-2 RB twice: Christian McCaffrey.

My current top 6 are awfully close to each other, currently within 12 points:
JT, CMC, Henry, Fournette, Najee, Ekeler.

As the preseason progresses, the order will probably change all the time. If I had to bet money on the 2022 RB#1 now, Iā€™d probably bet on Najee Harris.

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