R Stevenson or Zeke week 15 Full PPR

With Damien Harris out this week, wondering if I should play R Stevenson over an injured Zeke??

Yes, yes, and yes! Stevenson is a young stud RB, whereas Zeke is on his last legs, while Pollard has kind of taken over the Dallas running game. With Stevenson being the bellcow in New England, I play him till he drops.

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Thanks! I am going with Stevenson!!

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Admittedly, Stevenson had a bad game, although the game script got away from him when Johnathon Taylor took off. I would have expected the Pats to shut down Taylor, and just the opposite happened.

Regardless, Dallas has a tough matchup against the G-men. The only thing you have to worry about with Zeke is him falling into the end zone for a score. So Stevenson may still outperform him. If not, allow me to give you my mea culpa in advance.

I think Stevenson was the right start…he had a bad game…that happens…now I am considering starting Gaskin over Zeke…hopefully that goes well…

At this point, I’d take Gaskin, although not enthusiastically. He did have a decent game against the Jets the last time they played.

Was about to reply yesterday already. Now you can rightfully accuse me of having hindsight on my side. Anyway:

I’d temper my expectations in both regards, and I say that as a Stevenson owner. Belichick isn’t known to deploy bellcows. Even with Harris out, Brandon Bolden and J.J. Taylor will factor in, plus they use Kendrick Bourne out of the backfield. And when Harris is active, he’s still seeing the majority of carries.

Stevenson is talented without any doubt, but he lacks vision. As demonstrated yesterday, when he ran into his own team mates yet again. Vision is one of the things you cannot teach, so I’m concerned that flaw, plus his team’s philosophy, will always stand in the way between him and regular every week RB1/2 greatness. I don’t see him as more than a FLEX RB with upside. Whenever Harris plays, I will start him over Stevenson.