Dynasty RB Updates from CBS

We all know CBS is heavily involved in the NFL and the current updates are based on what they are seeing and hearing from teams in camp.

They have Robinson in tier 1 by himself and Gibbs on top of tier 2. They are both getting rave reports in camp.

Cook to the Jets. They are looking for Hall to be ready for week 4

Zeke to the Pats. Stevenson’s value drops some.

They are both now seen as 4th- 5th round picks by CBS.

Looks like pick on Ed day.

Wow, that’s going to cost some people their seasons.

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Not in my book. Zeke will soak up a few red zone carries. But other than that, the move underlines how much the Pats trust Rhamondre for this season and beyond. And we’re talking dynasty here.


Rhamondre scored 6 TDs last year; 4 in weeks when Damien Harris was out. If Zeke pulls 400 yards and 5 TDs off of Rhamondre, that’s not going to leave him enough to justify his 2nd/3rd round ADP.

I agree with ya Zak in it is no big impact but will hurt him “some.”