Who is your favorite late-round QB?

Our writers shared their top late-round QB targets (after QB12 in ECR):

Some popular names were Lawrence, Burrow, Tua, and Ryan.

Who’s your favorite late target at QB?

I’ve been targeting Tua and Derek Carr, with Fitzpatrick or Zach Wilson as QB3 in my superflex league.

I don’t know that I’d call Ryan a “late-round” QB; he’s been top 12 for the past five seasons or so, but whatevs.

Seems like nobody remembers 2019, Daniel Jones’ rookie season, when he had a healthy Barkley in the backfield and he was the QB6 in fantasy football from Week 8 through the end of the season, in average fantasy points per game. Then Barkley (and most of his receivers) got hurt in 2020, and Jones sucked. Now Barkley is back, and the team added a true WR1 for the first time in Jones’ career in Kenny Golladay. This can only help the QB who is the highest-rated deep passer in the NFL, according to PFF.

Right now, Zach Wilson looks like the best rookie QB in the NFL.

Kenny and Saquon are both injuries waiting to happen. Jones is set up for failure with this MASH unit.

He’s also set up for success, with better weapons around him than he had when he was the QB6 in 2019.

Jones was QB6? I didn’t check the rankings then, but his numbers were pretty pedestrian. 3027 pass yards, 24 td’s, 12 int’s, 279 rush yards and 2 rush td’s? Cherry-picking weeks somebody dominated can get you a ton of results, usually based on weak schedules, or in-season injuries on other teams. As we saw in 2020, Jones’ 2019 dominance was a mirage.

Well, it’s “cherry picking” in that I’m only counting Weeks 8-17, but then it was his rookie season, so it makes some sense to give him the first couple of months to get up to speed.

It’s also “cherry picking” in that Jones only played in 7 of those 9 games, but in those 7 games, he averaged 21.16 fantasy points per game, which was 6th-best among all QBs during that stretch.

What we saw in 2020 was that Jones needs Barkley in the backfield and healthy WRs to succeed–and having a true #1 WR now can’t hurt either.

And so they bring in Kenny “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Golladay as his WR, to help out with Saquon “It’s just a flesh wound” Barkley’s injury history. This is not a serious attempt to help support a QB. Jones is toast. That short period years ago isn’t proof that Jones can be a starting QB.

Are you comfy with Sterling Shepard or Darius Slayton? Those are the only healthy wideouts until you get to guys like C.J. Board, Dante Pettis, or Alex Bachman?

The Giants are a mess of washed up or wounded.

Yes, that was the definition of cherry picking. Thanks for providing it!

Ok, I see a QB who was among the best in the league as a rookie 2 years ago, then spent a season struggling with a sub-standard O-line and virtually every skill player around him injured at some point, going into a prove-it year with the best weapons he’s had to date.

You see toast, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to change your mind, so Jones won’t be one of your late round gems this season. I think we’ll all survive.

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Amen brother!

Even though you and I tend to disagree, I love the back-and-forth with you. Nothing personal man. Let’s make each other better, ok?

I’m trying, although I don’t see how that would be possible in my case…

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