QB Heavy scoring league

I’m in 12 Team QB heavy scoring (yardage, TDs, Length of TD bonuses) league…QB’s get a point for each completion but -1 for incompletions. My question is after the top 5 or 6 QB’s are off the board, what QB’s would have the highest upside in this scoring format.

Over the course of the season, most QBs are going to complete about 2/3 of their passes, give or take, so obviously QBs with a higher passing volume and higher completion percentage will score more–but unless they’re completing like 80% of their passes, probly not appreciably more than if that scoring was not in place. It’s kind of a useless rule, really. I would ignore it.

Of much more salience are the pts for yardage (pt per 20 or 25 yards) and TDs (4 or 6).