QB Conundrum for Playoffs

I’ve managed to be the #1 seed despite being mediocre at QB all season. I have Kyler Murray and Geno Smith. Obviously Kyler is done and while Geno has been a good point producer, don’t love the matchup vs SF. Other options from waiver wire:

Mike White vs. Detroit, Daniel Jones @ Washington. Do I stick with Geno and hope for a productive week or take a flyer on White or Jones? White’s predicted points look good with the matchup but still have trouble thinking he’s my fantasy playoff QB.

This is the semifinals, this league for whatever reason started playoffs last week and I had a bye, just in case it seemed weird that I was playing as #1 seed. $500 buy in/$3500 first place so obviously I’m overthinking everything. Thanks all!

I’m not sure I’d call the #5 fantasy QB “mediocre”.

I’d agree that his matchup is far from ideal this week, though. His only bad performance this season came against the Niners, in week 2, so I wouldn’t accuse you of overthinking if you have a bad feeling about him.

If you absolutely do not trust Geno this week, White and Jones are both options to consider.

White isn’t fully healthy yet, and plays against a team that got better at D recently.

Jones is as consistent as they come on QB. He’s almost guaranteed to give you 15-22 points every week. Which means he won’t win you the week, but he won’t ruin it, either.

If he’s healthy, I’d consider White. If not, take Jones if you want the safer floor, and Geno if you prefer the higher upside.


Serious money. SF has a VG D but have stopped 2nd tier QBs. I would not rate Geno as elite but definitely above average.

I see the other options as rolling the dice vs staying with a pretty good hand in Geno playing at home. He would be my choice.

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