Pull trigger on CMC / Zeke trade?

I would give up: Zeke, Dionte Johnson and C.Godwin.
I would get: CMC, Hubbard and C.Ridley.

I’d be taking a chance on Ridley coming back, but my WR/RB’s would look like this:
(10-team, standard league)
CMC, Hubbard, Jacobs, Carson, Collins, Dillon
T.Hill, AJ Brown, C.Ridley, C.Davis

Pull the trigger or stick with Zeke / Godwin combo?


I like the deal. Getting the CMC/Hubbard combo is a winner, and adding Ridley is an awesome buy low opportunity.

While getting Zeke is nice, Dionte is playing in the woeful Steeler offense, and Godwin is a WR for scattershot Brady (so the targets go everywhere).

I feel safer with what you’re getting.